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Step 1: Determine Your Categories

In the table below, add your portfolio categories. What skills do your projects show off? Are you a writer? A designer? A filmmaker? All three? Add however many you need. Inside the page, you'll find templates for common portfolio offerings. These templates just put an icon and cover image on the pages, which will come in handy in step 3.

Step 2: Add Your Projects

Add your projects to the table below. Fill out all of the appropriate information and add an image or a video. You can open up the page to add stories, case studies, multiple files, and whatever else you need to add. Feel free to add your own properties to fit your unique portfolio needs.
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Short Description
Date Complete
I wrote copy for my client's Facebook Ad campaigns.
Sep 1, 2021
This project was a part of a brand case study for my client.
Aug 5, 2021
I created a 5 minute video which helped my client bring in more visitors to their store.
Jul 21, 2021